• Cerrogallina Bobal will be in the 6th Exclusive Dinner of 8 Chefs 8 Dishes!

    Cerrogallina Bobal will be in the 6th Exclusive Dinner of 8 Chefs 8 Dishes!


    From CerroGallina winery we are delighted to inform you that our Bobal 2014, has been selected to match the 6th Exclusive Dinner organized by the Gastronomic and Cultural Association 8 Chefs 8 Platos, which will be next thursday,  June 28 at La Ópera-Mas dels Frares of Benicàssim.

    This exclusive dinner takes place in a different location in each edition ans tries to valur the products of the province in which is made. The elaborations of the menu will be paired with a selection of wines from the Valencian Community, and as we have menctioned before, Cerrogallina Bobal 2014 will be one of those wines.

    The dishes that Bobal 2014 will accompany with all its balance and potential will be prepared by: Modesto Fabregat (Lino Restaurant en el Real Casino Antiguo, Castellón), Fernando Molina (La Cuina de Fernando, Castellón), Javier Simón (Hotel Martín el Humano, Segorbe), Balbina Cano (Casa Rabitas, Nules), Asier Manzanos (El Vasco, Vila-real), Emilio Miralles (Al d’Emilio, Vila-real) and Carlos Gutiérrez (Casa Roque, Morella).

    They are joined by the Host Chef: Miguel Martí. In addition, as in previous editions, we will discover at the end of dinner the Infiltrated Chef. The Infiltrated Chefs who have participed in previous editions have been Begoña Rodrigo (La Salita, Valencia), Evarits Miralles (El Bollit, Oliva-Pego), Miguel Barrera (Cal Paradís, Vall d’ Alba), Vicent Guimerá  (l’ Antic Molí, Ulldecona) and Raúl Resino.

    Who will be this edition?

    We really want to discover it!

    You can get more information about the 6th Exclusive Dinner by calling at 629 972 594 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm or by e-mail: reservasmiguelmarti@gmail.com.

  • Our Pinot Noir in the newspaper Levante!

    Cerro Gallina we have appeared in the newspaper Levante with our Pinot Noir 2016 as news.  In that news our oenologist José Hidalgo says that this variety of wine is difficult of to grow and difficult to elaborate, so the results obtained with it have been worth the effort.

    Pinot Noir 2016 is cherry red very bright and opened color in its visual phase. Being of very delicate but intense at nose, full of numerous subtle aromatics registers, dominated by notes of red fruits (wild strawberries, red currants and cassis), hints of pink flowers with balsamics with balsamic and vegetable nuances, with a spicy and complex background provided by the cask. It become in its gustative phase very fresh and elegant, balanced, very long and full of nuances. With an aromatic finish and sensations that fill the mouth and lengthen it in time.


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