• CerroGallina in the V Placer Bobal

    On 18th of June we had the pleasure of asist at V Placer Bobal, an annual showroom at the Hotel Las Arenas in Valencia, where the main protagonist is the native variety of Bobal grape, of differentiating character and under the Utiel-Requena Designation of Origin.

    During this importante event, such as the V Placer Bobal, the new wines and vintages from differents wineries are presented, whose identity includes the Utiel-Requena Designation of Origin. Bodega Cerrogallina choose representing at Bobal grape our Cerrogallina Bobal 2015, which limited production is based on the rich contribution that the land makes.

    Cerrogallina Bobal 2015 has a very vivid red color and is well covered, letting you perceive the varietal aspects of the land where it is grown. In addition, not only we had the pleasure of present our Cerrogallina Bobal 2015, we aldo brought a very special wine: our Pinot Noir 2016, which is also included at the Utiel-Requena Designation of Origin.

    Thank you very much to the organization and to all the visitors!



  • Happy New Year!

    From Bodegas Cerrogallina we wish that 2⃣0⃣1⃣8⃣ will be a prosperous year and full of reasons to toast.

    May your wishes be fulfilled! Happy New Year!


  • ¡Felices fiestas!

    Estos días tan especiales y llenos de ilusión, son perfectos para brindar con nuestros seres queridos por los sueños cumplidos y por los que están por cumplir.

    ¿Bobal o Pinot Noir? Tú eliges.

    ¡Feliz Navidad y próspero Año Nuevo!


  • Cerrogallina Pinot Noir in the newspaper again

    Our Pinot Noir appears in the newspaper again! It appears in the valencian wine Guide and is available in the usual distribution channels and in the main restaurants.

    It is elaborated under the supervision of our oenologist José Hidalgo. Pinot Noir is a free-style wine, with a bright, open layer, with delicate essences of red fruits and roses with balsamics nuancaes and subtly spiced.

    It is fresh and elegant on the palate, with great acidity, long, full and balanced.

    Without a doubt, a wine that does not disappoint.


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