During the month of September, Bodegas CerroGallina had the pleasure of of being interviewed by À Punt, in the PROAVA vinery together Clos d’Esgarracordes vinery and Bodegas Xaló.

The interview was issued on September 5 in the À Punt Directe space, where Carolina Ferre and Hèctor Molina had an interesting talk about the wines of our territory.







During the interview in PROAVA, Santiago Vernia representing our wineries, speaks about the culture of the territory of the Valencian Community and above all, the importance of our own recognizing the wines of our land, so wonderful and exquisite.

We emphasise our Bobal and Pinot Noir, freestyle reds but with magnificent qualities granted by the different grape varieties.


If you missed the program and want to learn much more about Valencian wines, you can watch the interview HERE.

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