• CerroGallina Winery in VI Placer Bobal!

    On June 17, the VI edition of Placer Bobal will take place, an annual showroom that, following tradition, will be held again at the Hotel Las Arenas in Valencia. Placer Bobal has become an unavoidable level for us since its main protagonist is the native variety of Bobal grape, with a differentiating character and under the Utiel-Requena Designation of Origin.

    Bodega CerroGallina will be present at this long-awaited event together with 23 more wineries in the area to present our Bobal 2015 and its characteristics. CerroGallina Bobal 2015 has a very vivid and well covered cherry red color, revealing the varietal aspects of the land where it is grown.
    We are waiting for you in this new edition of Placer Bobal!

  • See you soon FereVin!

    Last Sunday, August 26, was the closing ceremony of the XXVIII edition of FereVin, the wine fair of Requena, it began on August 23. We already told you that Bodegas CerroGallina did not want to miss this great annual event that is better year after year.

    The arrival of this event is a preamble to the harvest of the wonderful fruit of our vineyards. CerroGallina were presents along with several other wineries, showing and valuing our Cerrogallina Bobal and Cerrogallina Pinot Noir, products that the Utiel-Requena Denomination of Origin collects under its name. During this edition assisted approximately 17.000 visitors, showing more interest in the wine and its characteristics, which means that the wine is getting more followers.

    Thanks a lot to the organization for creating once again this event. And above all, many thanks to the visitors for their questions, their words and for visiting our stand.


  • Bodegas CerroGallina in FereVin 2018

    Once again and as it has been a tradition, Bodegas Cerrogallina is present at the requenense fair of wine, FereVin, which collects the best wines from the Valencian Community. The XXVIII edition of this great event that was inaugurated last Thursday, 23rd August, will keep its doors open until next 26th Sunday.

    After a pre-tasting that PROAVA organized to liven up the wait, we really wanted to attend this great event. And the arrival of FereVin is a preamble to the harvest, the harvest of the wonderful fruit that our land gives us.

    Cerrogallina together with several other requenenses, we show and value these products that the Utiel-Requena Denomination of Origin collects under their name. In our case: Cerrogalllina Bobal and Cerrogallina Pinot Noir.

    Thank you very much to the organization for such a magnificent wine event and, above all, thanks to all the attendees.


    We are waiting for you all at our stand so you can taste our preparations!


  • Bodegas Cerro Gallina in the Ferevin 2018 pre-tasting

    Bodegas CerroGallina will be present during another edition at Ferevin, the requenense wine fair. The XXVIII edition of this important event in the wine world will take place from August 23 to 26, 2018 and to liven up the wait, from PROAVA have decided to collaborate organizing for the first time, a tasting before the long-awaited appointment to meet the Ferevin participants.

    The pre-tasting where Bodegas CerroGallina had the pleasure of attending to represent the Utiel-Requena Denomination of Origin with our Bobal, took place on July 26 in Valencia. Thank you very much for such a nice initiative and above all, thanks to all the attendees. It was a pleasure to talk with you.

    We are waiting for you all at Ferevin!

  • CerroGallina in the V Placer Bobal

    On 18th of June we had the pleasure of asist at V Placer Bobal, an annual showroom at the Hotel Las Arenas in Valencia, where the main protagonist is the native variety of Bobal grape, of differentiating character and under the Utiel-Requena Designation of Origin.

    During this importante event, such as the V Placer Bobal, the new wines and vintages from differents wineries are presented, whose identity includes the Utiel-Requena Designation of Origin. Bodega Cerrogallina choose representing at Bobal grape our Cerrogallina Bobal 2015, which limited production is based on the rich contribution that the land makes.

    Cerrogallina Bobal 2015 has a very vivid red color and is well covered, letting you perceive the varietal aspects of the land where it is grown. In addition, not only we had the pleasure of present our Cerrogallina Bobal 2015, we aldo brought a very special wine: our Pinot Noir 2016, which is also included at the Utiel-Requena Designation of Origin.

    Thank you very much to the organization and to all the visitors!



  • Cerrogallina Bobal will be in the 6th Exclusive Dinner of 8 Chefs 8 Dishes!

    Cerrogallina Bobal will be in the 6th Exclusive Dinner of 8 Chefs 8 Dishes!


    From CerroGallina winery we are delighted to inform you that our Bobal 2014, has been selected to match the 6th Exclusive Dinner organized by the Gastronomic and Cultural Association 8 Chefs 8 Platos, which will be next thursday,  June 28 at La Ópera-Mas dels Frares of Benicàssim.

    This exclusive dinner takes place in a different location in each edition ans tries to valur the products of the province in which is made. The elaborations of the menu will be paired with a selection of wines from the Valencian Community, and as we have menctioned before, Cerrogallina Bobal 2014 will be one of those wines.

    The dishes that Bobal 2014 will accompany with all its balance and potential will be prepared by: Modesto Fabregat (Lino Restaurant en el Real Casino Antiguo, Castellón), Fernando Molina (La Cuina de Fernando, Castellón), Javier Simón (Hotel Martín el Humano, Segorbe), Balbina Cano (Casa Rabitas, Nules), Asier Manzanos (El Vasco, Vila-real), Emilio Miralles (Al d’Emilio, Vila-real) and Carlos Gutiérrez (Casa Roque, Morella).

    They are joined by the Host Chef: Miguel Martí. In addition, as in previous editions, we will discover at the end of dinner the Infiltrated Chef. The Infiltrated Chefs who have participed in previous editions have been Begoña Rodrigo (La Salita, Valencia), Evarits Miralles (El Bollit, Oliva-Pego), Miguel Barrera (Cal Paradís, Vall d’ Alba), Vicent Guimerá  (l’ Antic Molí, Ulldecona) and Raúl Resino.

    Who will be this edition?

    We really want to discover it!

    You can get more information about the 6th Exclusive Dinner by calling at 629 972 594 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm or by e-mail: reservasmiguelmarti@gmail.com.

  • Cerro Gallina at the Wine Showroom of “D.O. UTIEL-REQUENA 2017”

    The last 27th November we were at the wine showroom of “D.O. UTIEL-REQUENA” in Madrid, representing our wine cellar.

    This wine showroom is a meeting point of wine cellars which have the certificate of origin “UTIEL-REQUENA” to present our winery to viticultur professionals.

    At our stand were our best identity sign: our wines. At the variety:

    • CERRO GALLINA BOBAL, 100%  got of  old vineyards. 2014 vintage.
    • CERRO GALLINA PINOT NOIR, 100% Pinot Noir. 2016 vintage.

    We closed this annual with high attendance. Thank you to all the people who visited our stand!

  • Ferevin 2016

    One more time, Cerro Gallina was in Ferevin, with a great success. Many people who loves the wine world visited our stand.

  • Ferevin 2015

    Great success in Ferevin 2015, the last edition. The President of the Valencian Comunity visited our stand and he congratulated us for our Cerro Gallina.

  • Cerro Gallina tasting at Ferevin´s seat

    In Ferevin´s seat in Requena, took place one of the usual wine tastings wineries belonging to the Organization.

    Many people attended the explanation of CERRO GALLINA´S PROJECT and had the opportunity to taste the 2010 crop.

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