• Cerrogallina in MiVino magazine!

    MiVino magazine is a viniculture magazine. It publishes about different wines, wine-tourism, gastronomy and currently trends. And we appear in the February edition!

    That publication, in the printed version and the online version, be about our Pinot Noir 2016. It is elaborated with a delicate and elegant grape, which is grown in our vineyard seeded in 2008. Its production is limitated.

    The magazine enphasises in the phases of our Pinot Noir, mentioning all aromas like flowers, spices, red liquorize and ripped raspberries and its behaviour: elegant and equilibrated.

    In addition to this, MiVino appreciate our work in Cerrogallina to create our Bobal, so we are very happy.


  • Cerrogallina Pinot Noir in the newspaper again

    Our Pinot Noir appears in the newspaper again! It appears in the valencian wine Guide and is available in the usual distribution channels and in the main restaurants.

    It is elaborated under the supervision of our oenologist José Hidalgo. Pinot Noir is a free-style wine, with a bright, open layer, with delicate essences of red fruits and roses with balsamics nuancaes and subtly spiced.

    It is fresh and elegant on the palate, with great acidity, long, full and balanced.

    Without a doubt, a wine that does not disappoint.

  • Our Pinot Noir in the newspaper Levante!

    Cerro Gallina we have appeared in the newspaper Levante with our Pinot Noir 2016 as news.  In that news our oenologist José Hidalgo says that this variety of wine is difficult of to grow and difficult to elaborate, so the results obtained with it have been worth the effort.

    Pinot Noir 2016 is cherry red very bright and opened color in its visual phase. Being of very delicate but intense at nose, full of numerous subtle aromatics registers, dominated by notes of red fruits (wild strawberries, red currants and cassis), hints of pink flowers with balsamics with balsamic and vegetable nuances, with a spicy and complex background provided by the cask. It become in its gustative phase very fresh and elegant, balanced, very long and full of nuances. With an aromatic finish and sensations that fill the mouth and lengthen it in time.


  • Cerro Gallina 2012 bottled

    After nearly 18 months in French oak barrels of first quality, in which he held a weekly “batonage” the Cerro Gallina 2012 has been bottled at our winery. The more than 10,000 bottles of this exclusive wine will rest for 6-7 months before going to market, ending a long and careful aging process.

  • Selection of grain in vintage 2013

    Parece caviar, pero es la selección de grano para hacer el Cerro Gallina 2013.

    The selected and broken grapes, fall on a deposit what conduct them by gravity to the fermentation tank, where will be several days before to start the fermentation process.

  • Vintage 2013

    Hidalgo checks the crushed grain. Overview of the process table cluster selection and selection of grapes.

  • A new adventure begins

    The 2011 vintage of Cerro Gallina on Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 this April 2013 was bottled.
    Getting the latest step in a new adventure. After 7-8 months in the bottle, it will be ready to travel and carry around, Requena´s soul.

    The director of the Cerro Galllina project, Pepe Hidalgo (in the photo), was there to finalize every detail.

  • Bobal´s high score

    Recently, in the “Taste question” section of Levante journal, it qualified Cerro Gallina 2010, was qualified as THE THOROUGHBRED OF BOBALES.

    Also in the yearbook “LA SEMANA VITIVINICOLA”, Cerro Gallina 2010 has obtained the highest score (94 out of 100), in Bobal 100%.

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